The Checklist You Need When Hiring a Plumber in Sydney

Hiring a tradesman can be a really tough decision. Letting a stranger into your home can also be a daunting prospect, particularly if you are someone who is quite private and doesn’t like letting others into your personal space. Even if you are completely fine with having people in your home, it is incredibly important that you consider the various options available to you before making a choice. You don’t want to end up with a dud professional who is just going to cost you more money and not even solve the problem. So with that in mind, here’s an insightful and helpful checklist that you must read before hiring a Sydney plumber.


Verify their license

Every plumber in Sydney is required to have a current and valid contractor license. On top of this, your local professional is also required to have a formal qualification, like a TAFE course that is often completed during an apprenticeship. Tradesman are legally required to list their REC in any advertising, while every trade’s governing body will have a list of the registered contractors for their state. Make sure you check out the list for your local area to ensure that your plumber in Sydney is qualified and has a valid license.



Check reviews, but be wary

Before you sign or agree to anything, check out the online presence or reviews of your chosen plumber in Sydney. If you come across a string of bad reviews, it’s probably best that you give that contractor a miss. Also, be aware that many businesses post fake positive reviews on their site to foster greater customer awareness and higher sales. Instead, consider talking to friends or family on their experiences; you’re more likely to receive a more honest and genuine opinion.


Say no to cash

If your plumber in Sydney insists on a cash payment in return for their services, this is a serious warning bell. Often, tradespeople will offer cash as a method of payment to avoid GST and other tax requirements. However, payment in cash means you may not receive a valid tax invoice or receipt for any work that has been completed. This can cause headaches if dodgy work is provided and you need to follow up with your tradesman. There’s no way of recounting existing work provided, leaving you in a precarious financial position.


Know your rights

When establishing a professional relationship with your plumber in Sydney, it is paramount that you are aware of your rights. If you have any concerns with the state of the work provided, make sure that you raise it with your hired professional or their company as early as possible. This prevents any heated disagreements that may arise if you save your criticisms until after all work is completed. At the same time, you can also withhold any final payments if you believe the work has not been completed to the agreed standard. If such steps fail, consult your state’s consumer protection agency; for NSW, it’s NSW Fair Trading.


Look for honesty and professionalism

The last thing you need when hiring a plumber in Sydney is an individual who is unprofessional. When you meet your contractor for the first time, make sure you look out for key traits like a poor communication skills, tardiness or general disorganisation. If your plumber in Sydney is vague about the job’s completion date or what the issue is, be very cautious. Put simply, if you don’t feel particularly comfortable communicating with your technician, there is a good chance you will encounter issues down the road.